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If you want to fly.. Give up everything that weighs you down - Buddha



About Me

Welcome to Willowtree Wellness!  Which formed from a small idea and blossomed into a beautiful wooden cabin where people can find safety and security. The journey from acorn to cabin has been built with dedication and hard work, and so  inspires me to see my vision for offering wellbeing come to life, bringing forward a haven for anyone seeking peace and rejuvenation. 


I am passionate about what is on  offer and my main aim is  providing a space where people can feel empowered, to prioritize their own self-care, creating a supportive environment where you can connect with others who share similar goals and values is truly transformative and to keep nurturing my vision, to thrive as a place of healing and growth for all who come through its doors.


I am very approachable 

with a warm  welcoming smile and supportive atmosphere at Willowtree Wellness which has been  mentioned by clients. I very much look forward to greeting you here and sharing together.

Recently I became an author which was very exciting for me, something that hadn't been expected and self published channeled inspired writings that had been written over several years and can be ordered for posting to you, or purchased in the cabin on your visit.

Our Treatments

Social Drumming

Drumming brings about so many benefits for you, and I can promise that you will leave  the cabin with a smile upon your face having enjoyed connecting with your own heart beat as well as with Mother Earth. Drumming has been used therapeutically since the Ancient times and is available for everyone to enjoy and can have positive effect on your health by releasing negative emotions and bring in renewed energy. Spare drums are available. 


Many people hear the word meditation and envision someone sitting crossed legged sitting on a cushion say OM. Meditation is for any level, we all need to try and find a time when can just be and sit either in silence, listen to music, guided meditation  - healing self,  your mind drifting away like in moments when sitting having a coffee, walking in nature, anywhere were you allow yourself time for your mind to rest.  Offered here in the Wellness Cabin are many different meditations that may suit what you are looking for, either in a group or one to one.

Also sessions for learning breathing techniques and how to ground yourself for life events like, exams, job interviews, driving tests, weddings etc can be beneficial too.


Energy Healing 

This practice has been around for many centuries as an alternative, complementary therapy and the way that I work is that I channel energy and work with my spiritual healers and inspirers, within the auric field. We work together with an initial consultation to bring forward the right healing path at that moment in time.

Emotional Reprogramming

We look at your emotional response to life events, traumas and illness and  look at bringing about a more positive response and upliftment for you after this healing.


Learning about your spiritual self.

Within these sessions, in a group or one to one we would have a discussion - what you feel that your understanding is, what you might like to learn about and different exercises, meditations to aid  building confidence with no expectations in a safe environment.

Guidance and Spiritual readings available.


Sessions can be booked as one to one, your own group with family and friends for any occasion, set sessions in the Wellness Cabin and available via zoom, or for wellness in the work setting.


Looking forward to meeting and working with you.

Chakra Balancing Meditation with Sound Healing is an alternative on offer where you can relax either on a yoga mat or seated to enjoy a guided mindful meditation with Sound Healing bring about a relaxing and energising experience.



Chakra Dancing consists of  free movement to music to aid the balancing  our 7 main energy centres throughout our bodies from the base of the spine  to our crown at the top of our heads.


Crown:  Violet

Third eye:  Indigo

Throat:  Sky blue

Heart:  Green

Solar:  Yellow

Sacrel:  Orange

Root:  Red


If our Chakras are out of alignment it can affect us in many ways including feeling anxious or tired to  just not feeling ourselves. It is a great way to balance our energy centres by dancing and feeling free, and enjoying the freedom this movement gives us, it really is a beautiful experience. 


If mobility is an issue, seating is provided and these sessions available for everyone any age from 14+.


Both of these sessions contain positive affirmations and can aid you in feeling aligned, rejuvinated and refreshed.

These sessions are ideal for group bookings also for example - special events - Mothers Day, before your wedding - wellbeing for the work place -  friends and work colleagues - the opportunity to try something different.

Get in Touch

Willowtree Wellness, Horncastle, Lincolnshire

T:  07826195257


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