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Investment and Testimonials


"For all those out there doubting that meditation and healing can be done distantly and on the internet.

Have I got news for you!

From just one session with Alison, the benefits went from forgotten memories, meeting spirit, healing and dealing with trauma all in one unexpected session

Don’t sit on the fence thinking this won’t work for me, go for it !

It definitely changes the way you see things and react and you can also apply these special techniques to your everyday life

Want change ? Want peace in your life ? Want to heal past traumas etc

Book with Alison you won’t regret it"


"Since my recent healing from Alison I have noticed my intuition has enhanced to a higher level.

I also have noticed a better nights sleep and a lot more natural energy that helps me get through my 12 hour shifts at work.

My thanks to you Alison for your time in helping me with your healing process."


"Another good session in the cabin this morning ,great company.Looking forward too being with you all in 2023.Thankyou Alison for providing this wonderful safe place where we can for awhile let go of the worries & anxieties of life .Never stop being you xx"


"Beautifully healing meditation with Alison this evening, began as the thunder rolled with the start of a storm, lightning flashes and heavy rain on the roof and then as the mediation ended the storm cleared and we emerged to the sound of lions roaring! absolutely brilliant! Thank you universe"

Paul V

"Thank you Alison for your time today with your healing skills and especially with the emotional reprogramming

I can honestly say I feel a lot lighter and have a much clearer frame of mind and feel very relaxed

Continue your awesome work Alison"

Group Booking
Beth - Ebony - Teigan

"On Sunday we visited Alison for a session and it was so lovely! It was just what we needed for our TA wellness weekend before we head back to work. Alison took detail to our needs and looked after us while delivering personal, powerful messages that we needed to hear. Thank you Alison for looking after us!!"

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